Mindful Mob

There are other people who are healing and restoring peace for the human story. We come from all walks of life.

Join us in Mindful Mob.

Artwork by Coffin Birth

Six years into her healing journey – a personal journey of soul-searching, philosophy diving and healing on ancestral lands – in 2015, Maylene founded Mindful Mob: an online group and collective of Blackfullas, First Nations people and allies (non-indigenous people who support our sovereignty and fight for justice) exploring spirituality, inner life, balance, self-care and mindfulness: what is now known as the practice of dadirri (deep listening) by Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr and/or ‘connecting to country’. Within Mindful Mob, we explore books, quotes, screen stories and prime practices taught by philosophers and leaders from across the centuries and across the world.

Mindful Mob is a growing collective and solely relies on participation from its members to share what inspires them the most on their healing journey.

We reflect, dream and heal together.

Leader of The Mindful Mob Collective

In 2020, Maylene established The Mindful Mob Cohort to launch Mindful Mob to the global community. This is the rebirth of Mindful Mob: The Mindful Mob Collective. The philosophy behind the next chapter of Mindful Mob led by The Cohort is to explore the colonial construct placed upon the practices of mindfulness, spirituality and religion based upon research, study, attendance, participation and knowledge sharing from both the individual and collective lived experiences of The Mindful Mob Collective. Further to this next chapter, Mindful Mob will continue to empower its members to:

  • Live freely within their own self-resilience and livelihoods;
  • Mindfully heal personal and intergenerational trauma;
  • Break down cultural barriers and inspire a global community of multi-faith, multi-purpose, multi-tongue and multi-talent; and
  • Restore respectful participation of the sacred practices of our Indigenous, First Nations, cultures, tribes, clans, folklore, mythology and revolution. 

Mindful Mob is now circulating The Mindful Mob Power Thought Cards on social media to inspires its members while they are on their healing journey. The Mindful Mob Cohort will be aiming to meet Maylene’s desire to decolonise mindfulness, spirituality and religion.

The idea of The ‘Mindful Mob’ online support group has been a shared vision by Greg Kennedy and Maylene Slater-Burns since 2015.

Mindful Mob Membership: 756 members
Geography: Australia, New Zealand, United States,, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom and Germany.
April 13 2020.

For more information, please contact Maylene and share your interest in this beautiful journey together. May peace go with you, deadly people, M xo

ABN 32 828 574 289 © Maylene Slater-Burns

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